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Explained 101: The Alternatives To Divorce In Columbus


Separating spouses often have a hard time deciding if divorce is the right option for them. Ending a marriage is painful enough. With complicated legal hassles, things can be hard to manage. Ohio is the only state where there is a distinction between divorce and dissolution of marriage. No matter your circumstances, talking to a Columbus divorce lawyer will help you understand your case better. There are options or alternatives to a conventional divorce in Ohio, and we have explained them below for your help. 

  1. Legal separation. If you and your spouse have no intentions of living together as a couple but do not want to end the marriage either, you may want to consider legal separation. Legal separation allows a couple to resolve most of their key issues, including child custody and support, and have their own lives. It is important to understand that legal separation doesn’t allow the two people to marry again without filing for dissolution of marriage. 
  2. Dissolution action. If you and your spouse have decided to end the relationship and don’t have any points of contention, you can file a dissolution action instead of initiating the divorce proceedings. Dissolution of marriage is the simplest way to end a marriage in Ohio as there is no defendant or plaintiff. 
  3. Annulment. In some cases, a marriage may not be considered valid in Ohio. Annulment is about canceling a marriage legally like the marriage never happened in the first place. If a person gets married again without divorcing their first spouse, the second marriage can be annulled. If the marriage happened because of fraud, or one of the spouses was “mentally incompetent” at the time when the marriage happened, it can be annulled. Learn more Alternatives To Divorce  at

Despite being willing to settle things sooner, couples often end up in nasty public fights after filing for divorce. Get an attorney on your side to know if you can consider filing for dissolution of marriage and fix key issues with your spouse outside of court through mediation.

Your friends and family can offer the support you need, but it is wise to trust an attorney when it is about key legal matters in your divorce, your interests, and your rights. For additional insights and advice on legal and financial matters, consider checking out

Most divorce lawyers in Columbus and the rest of Ohio work at an hourly rate. You can discuss the legal options and expenses related to the divorce when you meet them to discuss your case. 

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