How to Stop Employee Theft and Fraud in Your Business with the Help of Steve Sorensen Embezzlement

Your small business is remarkably susceptible to employee theft due to the absence of controls that are often applied by larger corporations. Fiscal d...

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Your small business is remarkably susceptible to employee theft due to the absence of controls that are often applied by larger corporations. Fiscal duties are often deputized strictly to the owner, but in instances where a shift leader or manager is accountable for deposits, writing checks, the risks of embezzlement and fraud are great.

If there is a requirement to have a shift leader or manager involved in any part of the monetary process, make certain to restrict their control and uphold hawk-like oversight.

As per Steve Sorensen Embezzlement, some controls that are categorically vital to the fortification of the business consist of:

Control the Check book – If at all conceivable, make certain that you are the only one to have entree to the check book. Try to set up billing with your vendors, in place of writing them checks when they distribute. Almost all sellers will cover 30 days terms with debiting after a short period of time where you have demonstrated you are credit worthy.

Audit the Bank Statements – Apart from settlement, make certain that you use your bank statements to relate checks that are written to your accounting program. Assure the bookkeeper is not writing checks to themselves but copying them in the accounting software as if they are chosen to vendors. See that the bank declarations sent to your house.

Audit the Cash Register (if applicable) – More scam occurs at the point of sale than anywhere else in a small corporation. If you are a seller, the cash register is equivalent to your bank account in the risk of fraud and theft.

Do not Let Your Bookkeeper Evade Taking Time Off – If there is some bookkeeping deception, the employee may not want to take any free time which could give someone taking over their responsibilities a chance to discover the inconsistencies. Steve Sorensen Embezzlement asks individuals to make time off compulsory.

Control the Deposits – Do not let one individual be in charge of counting cash and bank deposits. There should always be severe controls regarding having a witness to everyday cash accounting and the bank deposits.

Research before Hiring – A quality background validation can seem costly but considering the cost of training a new employee and on boarding, as well as the extenuation of the risk of future losses, a $100 outlay for a background check is inexpensive. Do not choose the low-priced background check provider that you can discover, you will get waste your money and a valueless background check. According to Steve Sorensen Embezzlement, a decent background check is not economical. The benefactor should check all the city and county courts for criminal records in which the candidate has lived, gone to school or worked. Add on top of that a sexual offender search and countrywide database search, and you will have the elementary background check. Background check providers that provide a $20 investigation are merely using obsolete databases of criminal records which are merely a waste of your currency.