Looking for a Job as a Business Development Executive?

Do you have a flair for making contacts? Do you like children? If so, you may be able to work out well in a career as a business development executive...

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Do you have a flair for making contacts? Do you like children? If so, you may be able to work out well in a career as a business development executive for an online childhood directory. This type of directory is designed to assist Malaysian parents to select an educational institution for their children. The directory is made up of child-associated businesses that are linked to childhood education.

Are You Customer-Focused?

A business development executive for this type of service is employed to promote and market services to such child-associated businesses as enrichment learning classes, preschools, and learning centres. He or she must be service-oriented and an exceptional communicator who can build a good rapport with clients. He or she must also be customer-focused and know how to listen and provide feedback.

The Job Description

If you work as a business development executive for any company, you need to exert a positive attitude and must be able to plan and coordinate with management in reaching certain targets and goals. Generally, the job description for a business development role includes the following components.

  • The employee must perform market research on potential customers.
  • He or she must make frequent visits to clients at their places of business.
  • The employee must be able to prepare sales proposals and make presentations to potential customers.
  • He or she must be able to meet the quarterly sales goals for the company.
  • The employee must possess a full understanding and knowledge of the company’s service and products.
  • An employee in this line of work must also be able to build strong client relationships that are based on trust, efficiency, integrity, and good service.
  • The ability to maintain precise records is needed as well.
  • The employee must show respect and trust to other staff members.
  • An employee in this role must be able to participate in certain events to promote the brand of the company as well as network with key players in the market.

What You Need in Order to Submit a Resume

If you want to submit your resume for a job vacancy in Kuala Lumpur for this type of job, you must hold a degree at the minimum and have over two years’ experience in business development or sales. You should have a strong command of the English language as well as well as a positive demeanour. If you are experienced in MS Office, online research, and web applications, you will greatly increase your prospects of obtaining this type of assignment. You should also be well-accustomed to researching online and to sending out e-mails regularly.

Good Organisational and Planning Skills

As with all business positions, good organisational and planning skills are needed. You also need to drive a car and have a valid driving licence in order to take on this type of assignment. If you have experience in a specific field that is related to the job role, you will further enhance your chance of being employed. Any experience in advertising or the media industry is good to have as well.