Safety Myths about the industrial Machinery

Safety Myths about the industrial Machinery

Machinery usage in the industry become increased significantly. These are being used for completing the business process more efficiently, reduce cost...

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Machinery usage in the industry become increased significantly. These are being used for completing the business process more efficiently, reduce cost and increased productivity. Before development of machinery, the operational task was done by a human which cost lower and small output was produced with greater workforce and availability of goods was only for the elite class. With machinery development, people standard of living, production level and economic growth reach its peak. Machines have supported individuals or companies for performing their task. With the advent of machinery, safety concerns among the public have been increased significantly and various laws and standards are developed to ensure safety from the use of machinery. Even regulatory authorities in different regions for ensuring safety from the use of machinery. Before making all the standard, laws and regulations, concerned authorities ensure to interpret the safety situation from the use of machinery.

Application of law and safety standards are varied among different regions and industries as per their need. The safety standards that are widely applied in the business practices include the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to ensure compliance of safety practices. For the industrial machinery manufacturing companies, it is important to apply the safety features in it. However, development of new feature affect the machinery safety standards that are frequently changing. Requirement navigation is complicated due to the fact about myths of safety standards. Adopted approach by different organization varied due to bounding of different standards, therefore, conservative approach is taken for safe integration of business procedures.  In this regard, the most common myth about the ISO and IEC is considering it as the law. However, the EC machinery directives for safety are considered as the law.  Another common myth about the machinery safety is considering the US and EU standards as different. The essential element is that machinery development has flexibility in approach for designing and developing machinery as per the safety guidelines. The approach for implementing safety standards remain same which is validated with the required safety standards. The safety standards are validated and categorized as per the standards. The application of safety standards is measured by builders to calculate the efficiency of a machine system as per the modern standards. These standards are developed by an expert which is applied due to inappropriateness of traditional method for safety.

Manufacturer of industrial machinery includes safety feature during design process of machine — some features of the manufactured machines as per the safety standards that include appropriateness to meet the safety requirements of flexible business designs. The safety standards for machinery does not require significant changes with application of new standards as they validated new standards as per the measurement of safety components. Data of the safety standards can be used by manufacturers to develop a safety system with modern standards. This is the smart approach of the designer to implement the current standards by maintaining the basic structure that does not assume appropriateness of traditional safety method