Sales Force Automation Solution for 360° Customer View

Sales Force Automation Solution for 360° Customer View

Sales force automation software contributes to empowerment of the sales organization through the use of indispensable parts of any business organizati...

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Sales force automation software contributes to empowerment of the sales organization through the use of indispensable parts of any business organization. The platforms of this type integrate the whole range of sales processes, from prospecting and cross-selling to sales forecasts, account management, and selling commission.

For instance, the system that excels at sales force automation is bpm’online. The advantage of this platform for sales department is that it builds a 360-degree view of every consumer. Such a prospect is especially attractive for those businesses that want to achieve greater relevancy and efficiency.

What is a 360° view of customers?

An exhaustive survey of consumers implies generalization of all the available information about each buyer. A reliable sales force automation solution has a handy database, in which the records of the clients’ contact details are kept. If a salesperson needs to find a patron’s address, phone number, and other pieces of information, he doesn’t need to look into different parts of the data store. All the figures the assistant demands are kept in the same place, including the map, on which he can track the connections between different accounts.

Sales Force

Moreover, using various CRM platforms and tools, sales managers will easily detect any relationships inside the company structures, look through the list of activities the sellers are involved in, and review the entire history of their interactions. When the business has a 360-degree view of its consumers, it can detect their preferences and thus predict their purchasing behavior. It is the best way to win the trust of potential and existing buyers.

Analysis of Consumers Database

The comprehensive overview of the customers’ data is not the only advantage of the sales force automation solution. When the sales representative creates new records in the database, the system automatically checks it for duplicates. Besides, the user can fulfill manual check of duplicate accounts or fix the schedule of periodic search for such contacts.

Using the services like bpm’online, any business can analyze the existing data about its customers. Examining the obtained figures under different lenses, salespeople easily identify the buyers whose activity fuels the company’s development. As a rule, these platforms allow their users to customize the dashboards, so that they could save the necessary settings and watch the key performance indicators.

Integration of sales force automation solution with other services

The platforms of this kind offer salespeople a number of important possibilities. One of them is getting relevant information from the customers’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. The SFA-oriented system automatically looks up the necessary data on the Internet, so that the specialists of the sales department can easily enrich their buyers’ profiles. These pre-built features of social media integration lighten the work of salesmen: now, they won’t have to worry about the sources of relevant data about the customers – they simply use the ready-to-hand information, which is in free access on the Internet.

The sales force automation solution lets the sales reps obtain, systematize, and analyze all the necessary data with the click of a mouse. They will easily explore every aspect of the customer relationships, including their circles of contacts and business relations. Real time dashboards of SFA platforms let managers sell, upsell, and offer renewals for assigned accounts without extensive effort. Moreover, the specialists of sales departments will be able to set and meet customers’ expectations.

Other advantages of a 360° view of customers

Using SFA solutions, businesses can deliver an engaging and personalized patron experience. They will feel a number of new possibilities, including the following:

  • Walking in the customer’s shoes. Salespeople can map journeys of their customers when the latter enter and exit the buying channel. It is the best way to understand people’s expectations and desires.
  • Identifying the key parts of the customer journey. As soon as your clients interact directly with the elements of your brand experience, the sales force automation solution informs you about it. Your company’s website, call center or mobile app – you will receive reliable information from all the constituents of your business.
  • Differentiation of your opportunities. Every customer is afraid of redundant actions and unfulfilled expectations. Modern SFA platforms help businesses share their positive experience with potential customers, so that they won’t be afraid of closing deals with unknown companies.
  • Getting rid of friction points in consumer experience. Such services provide sales representatives an insight into shopper needs, competence of the stuff, business rules and so on. Every company can understand how effective each sales channel is and, if situation requires, get rid of all the unnecessary elements.