What Will A Mobile App Do For My Business?

What Will A Mobile App Do For My Business?

It’s no big secret that apps have taken over in a big way. There are now over a million apps on the Appstore and Google Play, with more on their way. ...

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It’s no big secret that apps have taken over in a big way. There are now over a million apps on the Appstore and Google Play, with more on their way. The real question is, what will an app actually do for my business? So many businesses are now investing in them, but the real benefits remain unknown. The biggest apps are gaming and social media, so where does a business app fit in?What Will A Mobile App Do For My Business? 2

Today, we’ll show you exactly why an app could work wonders for your business. It’s very different to a simple mobile presence through a website. It’s more engaging, simpler and could be more fun. Here’s what a mobile app will do for your website.


The growth of mobile apps is unstoppable. The sheer number of apps and usage is growing by the day. The number of smartphones and tablets are increasing globally. Of the 7 billion people on the planet, 6 billion have a phone. It won’t be long before all of these are smartphones. The potential audience is astonishing. That’s before we consider that apps will soon power our watches and our car infotainment systems. Look to the future and you’ll see that apps are a key part of our lives.

Location based services

Our favourite thing about apps for business is that you can take advantage of the location services. Harness the GPS signal of your app user and use it to build a stronger connection. Use their location to offer more specific, relevant content. Surprise and delight them based on location. Starbucks, for example, alert customers when they are about to walk past a coffee shop. Often they’ll give them a discount code. All because the app detected they were near a Starbucks shop. Genius!

Customer engagement and service

Mobile apps are a quick and simple way to connect with your customers and users. You can provide them with fantastic content. You can engage with them based on location as we mentioned before. If you are consideringmobile app development in London, be sure to include simple customer service. Provide a really easy way to get in touch. It could be a chat window within the app, for example.


Those businesses with a mobile app are already reporting huge increases in sales. Thanks to ‘in-app’ purchases, you can make the buying process fast and easy. If you’re a retailer, this is particularly important. A large proportion of online shopping takes place on tablets. An app can really help improve that. You could also offer in-app upgrades for extra content, games or just about anything you can think of.

Promotion and branding

An app is an amazing way to make sure a customer sees your brand every single day. Convince them they need your app, and your logo will be right there on their phone. It’s a simple way to strengthen brand awareness. You can also use the app as a method of promotion. Use it to notify customers of discounts, exclusive offers and deals. Use your imagination here!

An app really can do wonders for your business. It’s not just a snazzy gadget, it can boost sales, strengthen your brand and future-proof your business. Convinced yet?