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6 Ways To Promote Your Business With Print Marketing


In the age of technology and internet, Marketing has mostly become digital. Sure, business firms have adapted to it. However, print marketing is still beneficial and if used in a proper can make a business flourish. It is a part of offline marketing too. Hiring a printing company like Jennings Print can guide you and help you with it. Here are some ways to promote your new business with printed marketing materials:


Using banners in an event is a great way to get people’s attention to your brand. This helps you to gain some public awareness from one single event. It could be a business shows, a festival, a trade expedition or sporting event or any other sort of event. Sponsoring a function and using banners to promote your brand is one of the best ways to market it.


Distribution of brochures has been extremely fruitful for every scale of business, whether it is small or large. Companies print these as a way to keep their existing customers aware of the new things which the company does and attempts to gravitating new customer base through these. Companies hire professional for making it for themselves.

Press releases

These printed on the company’s letterhead and given out to the media. If they get published, it can be beneficial as a company can gain unbiased third-party validation. It works as a powerful accessory as the company can increase customers they didn’t know they could. Using print media to good effect is something that you have expertise while marketing your brand.


Now, this may sound weird, but this is one way to keep your customers continuously looking at your brand. Giving out free calendars to their customers can help you gain their trust and give you the right place in their living room. This also benefits as people visiting might notice this and talk about it — basically, it acts as an advertisement but only inside people’s home.

POS displays

Distribution of take-away Point-Of-Sale displays like a coupon book, brochures or menu with the food items can act as a good marketing strategy. This is because the customers handpicked these displays and taken home. Another brilliant POS related idea is doing charity for any place. You can ask people to give something if they want to while placing the order and then put the names of the donators on the wall. This will show the customers that you care for humanitarian causes and will attract more people to your brand.

Direct mail

This is something which is delivered right on the hands of your customers, and they are inevitably going to take notice of that. It can be a postcard, a letter, a mini-catalogue or advertisement for a new product. People are bound to make a note of your brand because they would feel the personal touch.

Make sure that before choosing anyone out of these you consider your customer base and the area where you’re running the business. You can consult your printing associates for more details. They firmly believe that these mediums can help you engage a set of people with your company and build a fan base. You can learn about the most effective methods to promote your organization for quick results, on this website:

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