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How to register a company in Indonesia


With the new government in Indonesia there are several beneficial things for foreign investors looking to start a business in this country. You can get complete information about Visa application, acquisition, business registration etc in Indonesia on permitindo is at its best in Indonesia currently and if you want to take advantage of it then you must follow the following steps for company registration:

Process for business registration in Indonesia:

  • Obtain a company name – Your company name is your brand identity and so you must register it first. You can obtain and register the name of your company at the Notary Public. This process can also be done online with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MLHR). Once you have applied for a name the MLHR may approve or reject the request or name. Cost for this Process is IDR 200,000 and it usually takes 1 day.
  • Notarize documents of your company– The Notary Public will then notarize all the documents that are relevant and needed for your company and this process usually takes less than one day.
  • Legalization of documents – The MLHR will then legalize the documents that are notarized and thereafter it will publish all the details of Your established company in the Supplement State Gazette. This will be done within 14 days.
  • Apply for the domicile certificate of your company– This certificate can be obtained from the local municipality where Your company is located or from the building management of your company’s location. This certificate is used for tax registration and you will get it in about 2 days.
  • Get a permanent trading license for your business in Indonesia – This license is also known as SIUP or Surat Izin Usaha Perniagaan. This is a required document for company registration and you must take a company registration certificate too from the Indonesian Ministry of Trade. In order to finish this processs you have 7 days.
  • Register your business with Indonesian Ministry of Manpower: A business registrant must submit a manpower report to the ministry within a time period of 30 days after completing the licensing procedure. Proper documents must be submitted with the report.
  • Get the social security program for workers – this is to ensure that you will take care of the employees of your company. You must agree to provide old age security, occupational accident security, death security and pension security for your workers. This registration is done at the Ketenagakerjaan office of BadanPenyelenggaraJaminanSosial or BPJS.
  • Get a health care insurance: It is mandatory to take an insurance for the employees as well as for yourself at the BPJS office.
  • You must get a tax registration number and a VAT collector number too.

For further information, visit the permitindo website at Here you can get complete information about setting up a business in Indonesia.

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