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The Role Of Bollards In Traffic Safety


Safety bollards can be considered as a staple when it comes to the safety and security concerns related to traffic. These humble structures play a plethora of roles in traffic management that consists of – protecting pedestrians from unruly drivers to keeping a shop being ram-robbed by criminals.

What is a bollard?

It is a sturdy, vertical post and relatively short in height that is installed at critical places for effective management of traffic or for other security reasons. Bollards often find extensive use in front of shops and banks to prevent these facilities from getting robbed.

Let us take a look at some of the major roles played by a bollard when it comes to traffic safety:

To re-direct traffic and to keep traffic from over speeding

Safety bollards are used time and again to keep car-free zones from unruly drivers. It is also used to prevent new drivers from parking their cars in an unruly fashion, which is often seen in the streets. Spillover parking is not only dangerous but it also causes grievances to the pedestrians. Safety collards act as a prior notification for drivers when they are approaching a narrowing lane so that they can slow down their vehicle for better control. As per several independent research conducted on road safety, it was found that when the authorities manage to strategically place safety bollards in critical areas on the road, accident rates drop drastically.

Illuminated bollards find extensive use in a remote area to illuminate dark patches of roads

Poorly lit areas of the road are not only dangerous for pedestrians, but also for the drivers as well. On top of that, these scarcely lit patches of roads often become the place of an incident, accidents and mishaps. Illuminated bollards often find its place in such areas so that the visibility of the road is increased thereby ensuring the safety of both the drivers and the pedestrians. In most of the cases, the illuminated safety bollard will be a self-sustainable unit that is outfitted with a battery pack, solar panels and the necessary circuitry to keep them functional all year round.

It is an effective traffic control measure

In case one talks about a special facility or an installation where controlled movement of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic is of the utmost necessity, active traffic management measures are must. Examples of such facilities could be – a religious place, an educational institution, a healthcare facility, a factory or a manufacturing unit. All these places need efficient and active traffic management systems and a safety bollard can play the role in the most efficient way. In many cases, a safety bollard will be temporarily mounted on top of a metal socket and then fixed to the ground or on the road. In many cases, the same will be mounted on an underground metal platform which is further connected with either a hydraulic mechanism or an electrically operated system. The sole purpose behind the installation is to raise the safety when efficient traffic management is necessary. On top of that, these concealed safety bollards can also be activated in case the installation is under an attack.

From the sections above, it is clear that this safety bollard plays several roles. The simple design yet the robust construction makes safety bollards a must have in the world of security and traffic management today. You can learn about the steps that the local government is taking to minimize traffic accidents, on this website:

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