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What Can a Floor Sweeper Do for Your Business?


Maintaining an industrial or business area to a proper standard of cleanliness and safety can be one of the single most time-intensive and expensive aspects of running a business. If you are running a warehouse or similar high-capacity, high-square-footage premises, then the investment in cleaning may involve several full-time members of staff and hundreds of man-hours, and even then, the results are likely to be less than desired… unless you invest in a floor sweeper instead.

With a floor sweeper, the time taken to clean a huge floor space is reduced enormously, and only one member of staff will be needed to operate it, instead of the dozens required to clean a warehouse floor completely with brooms and mops.

A scrubber sweeper, particularly ride-one models, move quickly across floor surfaces, cleaning more deeply and more thoroughly than someone with a mop could, in a tiny fraction of the time, and can simply be driven around the warehouse floor until the entire area is sparkling. Using a powerful scrubber deck preceded by sweeping brushes, the floor sweepers from the likes of Factory Cat UK and other suppliers sweep up debris and dust, then powerfully scrub and clean the floor beneath them.

Some models are even available with a cylindrical scrubbing deck, which can sweep and scrub in the same motion, preventing the need for additional brushes. However, with these cylindrical scrubbers, it is not possible to swap out the scrubbing brushes for other, more specialised tools, as you could with a disk deck scrubber.

In fact, your floor sweeper can be used with scrubbing discs, polishing tools and even diamond-tipped tooling to scour clean polished concrete or stone! No matter the flooring you are using, a Factory Cat floor sweeper can help you keep it in great condition, and in a tiny fraction of the time you’d need to do the job by hand. Saving you time and money, these floor sweepers can also effectively clean outside of industrial environments – for example, school sports halls, sports centres, hospital corridors and wards, and other large areas.

The advantages of a floor sweeper are obvious – they save you time spent cleaning, money spend on dozens of employees, and effort which can be better directed elsewhere. They take the mammoth task of cleaning your business area and turn it into a quick, easy job, and most importantly, they make extremely high-standard maintenance of your premises into something that is consistently achievable, every time.

If you would like to order a floor sweeper for your business or you simply want to know more about how they can help you and what your likely investment will be when purchasing one, you can get in touch with the experts at Factory Cat UK at any time by calling 02380 617129 any time – they will be happy to talk you through the specifics of different floor sweeper machines and help you come to an informed decision in a way that will best benefit your business.

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