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What Contributes to Your Indoor Air Quality


Air quality is often thought of simply as the purity of your air or how few foreign particles are floating around in it. While that is part of the air quality, it is not the only factor. There are many other considerations for your air quality that you need to take into account. For example, if your air is overly humid, it will be very difficult to get comfortable. Increased humidity makes it so that cold temperatures feel colder and hot temperatures feel hotter. Also, the air turbulence is important. The air might be very well filtered and dehumidified but if it has high turbulence, it will still be difficult to get comfortable. Finally, you need to worry about radiated heat, especially if you’re working in an office.

Radiated Heat

Radiated heat is the amount of heat that is coming off of different appliances in your office or house. You’ll get heat radiating from the computers in your building. You’ll also have heat radiating from the copier, the microwave, a hot plate, the television, the modem, and many other appliances. All of that radiated heat serves two purposes. For one, it makes your room hotter and drier. Also, that radiated heat creates pockets of different temperature, humidity, and pressure. It creates tiny bits of micro-weather in your office. Those warm pockets of low pressure cause increased turbulence because air tries to move to the areas of low pressure. It will affect the humidity and the air turbulence all throughout your building. Indoor air quality testing in Malaysia can detect that.

Air Quality

Not to be discounted are the actual substances that are in your air. When someone tests the quality of your air, the first thing that he or she is looking for is dust and allergens. If you have mould spores, mildew, or other irritants in the air, you’ll need to filter them out somehow. The most common way to filter them is with an HVAC system that has a filter. If you have mould spores, then you’ll need a HEPA filter on your HVAC system to keep out even the smallest particles. If you are trying to save money by not running your HVAC system, you’ll need to have a new way to filter it. One of the best ways is with a fan in your space that has a HEPA filter attached. You should also try to eliminate any of the factors that lead to mould and allergens in the air.


Turbulence indicates the velocity of the air flowing in your space and the amount of fluctuations that occur. You want to keep the velocity of airflow and reduce the fluctuations. Lower velocities make it easier to get comfortable in any temperature.

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