What is Smooth Bore Tubing and Why Does My Business Need it?

Smooth bore tubing is a different type of industrial hose to the heavy-duty corrugated steel so often seen in industry. Usually made from PTFE polymer...

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Smooth bore tubing is a different type of industrial hose to the heavy-duty corrugated steel so often seen in industry. Usually made from PTFE polymer (polytetrafluoroethylene), which is classed as a high-tech material, these pipes are made seamlessly via extrusion, leading to a flawlessly smooth, hardwearing pipe able to carry fluids at various pressures and temperatures.

Size Options

PTFE smooth bore tubing is available in a range of thicknesses and pipe void diameters, with four primary possibilities. The first, Standard Wall, is perfect for general purpose use, able to work at high or low pressures with steam, or standard pressures with chemicals, paint or ink, adhesive, fuel, oil, detergent, refrigerants or foodstuffs.

The second, Heavy Wall, is used at higher pressures, and is suitable for a range of temperatures and functions including heat cycling of fluids, for gasses pressurised up to 150 Bar, and other heavy duty applications.

Dash, the third, is a slimmer pipe created to work with reusable type fittings and in vehicle dashes, and finally;

Custom, the last option, is a specially-made smooth bore tubing solution to suit your specific requirements, and is usually needed for hydraulic applications, where an unusually wide pipe diameter is required to allow the hydraulic pipe fittings to fit to the tubing.

The Advantages of Smooth Bore Tubing

Smooth bore tubing has a number of advantages given to it by its design and material properties. These advantages include:

  • Chemical Resistance

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is the most chemically resistant material currently known to man, and reacts only with a very small selection of very rare chemicals, including boiling alkali metals and oxygen difluoride. With that in mind, PTFE smooth bore tubing is the perfect choice for piping reactive chemicals like acids and acrid gases, even at their most reactive temperatures.

  • Flexibility and Strength

Thanks to a combination of design and material, PTFE smoothbore hose has an excellent lifespan in dynamic movement and flexibility advantages, and will perform admirably in vibration-absorbing, movement-absorbing and flexing applications.

  • Self-Cleaning

As PTFE is almost completely inert, it has incredible non-stick properties, making sure that all the fluids passing through the pipe remain moving and do not form any scums or scales which may cause contamination, reduce efficiency and block the tubing.

  • Temperature Resistance

PTFE hose remains usable from -70°C to 230°C, which is an incredible temperature range. However, these temperature ranges are dependent on the steel wire braid covering the piping and the pressure of the fluid being carried, as higher temperatures significantly lower the pressure capabilities of the hose and steel braiding significantly raise them.

As you can see, the possibilities for PTFE smooth bore tubing are very broad and include much more industrial application than one might assume for polymer piping. However, before ordering any PTFE smooth bore tubing, make sure to speak to experts about your requirements, such as the team at Proflex Hose, who will be able to take all your specific circumstances into account and ensure you get a pipe that suits your needs.