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How to choose a Cold Chain Shipping Company


There is a huge demand in the industry today for cold chain shipping. Cold chain shipments are goods that are stored, transported or moved by keeping the shipment in a temperature-controlled cold status. Depending on the nature of the goods, it is important that the entire time the item is in transit or storage, it is kept at its desired temperature. You can learn about different types of shipping services and their possible cost, on this website:

Cold chain shipping cannot be achieved by any logistics firm. It has to be implemented by a specialist business that has the necessary infrastructure to move goods without exposing them to excessive heat.

The main commodities requiring cold chain shipping are fresh agricultural produce, vaccines, pharma drugs, film, chemicals and seafood. Cold chain shipping carries goods which are perishable.

One of the biggest movers and fasting growing sectors today is the logistics of cold chain pharmaceutical products. Life sciences is reliant and powered by temperature and climate-controlled movement. These products are highly sensitive and many genetic drugs and biological matter need to be moved across the world.

In order to achieve this in a successful and correct manner, a shipping and logistics company like SoftBox should be used to carry out your cold chain logistics.

Every time a cold chain product moves from one vehicle to another is carries the risk of exposure to a higher temperature. It is why only the very best cold chain shippers must be sourced.

Advances in technology have altered the way this industry operates. The logistics industry is a never-ending challenge and the company transporting cold chain products must be familiar and experienced with infrastructure, local regulations and rulings, security, customs laws and shipment transparency.

Even the actual delivery process itself can be a challenge as many goods have to be delivered at a certain time and to a specific point.

Often the challenges facing cold chain shipments can stretch not only to temperature control, but to air quality level, carbon dioxide levels, oxygen levels and humidity readings.

A logistics operator will need the necessary technologies on board to achieve a smooth and trouble-free shipment.

There is a process by which cold chain shipments must adhere to. It forms part of the Good Manufacturing Practices it means all vaccines, food items and drugs needing cold chain shipping to be diligently enforced and carried only by licensed logistics firms. For further reading on the logistics support from SoftBox can be found here.

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