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Why Reach Out To A Law Firm To File For Social Security Disability?


The social security disability program provides long-term protection to individuals who are disabled with serious impairments. The program comes under federal law and is funded and administered by the U.S. Social Security Administration.

If you suffer from a disability that has a long-term negative impact on your daily life, you can reach out to a law firm to file Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The money that you will receive from the program will improve your life. Learn more about Reaching Out To A Law Firm To File For Social Security Disability at

You should reach out to a law firm like Gallo, Cazort & Co. Law Firm to file for social security disability for the following reasons:

To check eligibility: A law firm will do a quick evaluation and help determine whether or not you are eligible for social security disability benefits. They will evaluate all factors depending on how your disability affects your work, your ability to find a new job, and the seriousness of your condition. The Social Security Administration (SSA) lists down all the disabilities that make you eligible for such benefits. The law firm will further help you explain whether you fit into the categories listed by SSA.

File initial social security claim: While filing for social security disability benefits, you will have to fill out an application and send it to SSA. This application requires detailed information about your medical history and sources of income. The slightest error in the form can lead to disqualification. In such a case, reach out to a law firm that will do the paperwork and reduce the chances of potential errors. This makes filing your application much simpler.

Update any changes in medical records: The SSA needs frequent updates on the status of your medical condition during and after the application process. This is because a lot of people have disabilities, and this helps SSA determine who needs these benefits the most. The paperwork involved in this process can be daunting. You can reach out to a law firm that will handle all your paperwork and communicate with SSA on your behalf.

Represent you in court: If your application is denied by SSA, you can request a social security disability hearing. In such a scenario, reach out to the law firm so that they will represent you during these hearings in front of the administrative law judge. The law firm is familiar with the legal system and will fight for you till you receive your benefits.

Social security disability claims can be legally complicated. Therefore, hire a law firm that will see what is best for you as they are familiar with all the Social Security rules and regulations. You can learn about the social security laws and regulations that can vary from country to country, on this website:

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