Security systems at home and work

Security systems at home and work

Spending time at home can be one of the most relaxing moments for anyone. There is also the time we spend at work. These two places are, actually, the...

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Spending time at home can be one of the most relaxing moments for anyone. There is also the time we spend at work. These two places are, actually, the ones that require us to be present most of the time. We are either working hard in our offices or taking care of our family and ourselves at home.

Either place we are the main issue is to feel safe and comfortable where we have to spend so much time interacting. The need to feel secure and protected is essential in order to carry out daily tasks and also to be more productive at work. There are, therefore, several security measures we can take either at home or in our offices to feel safer and perform our duties in a relaxed environment.

  1. Alarm systems

A simple alarm system can be set in a workplace or home without it being too sophisticated. Bigger companies will require more elaborated alarm systems that may detect motion on the floor or windows.

For smaller places, it would be good to have an alarm go off if doors are opened without the necessary password or permission. This is the basic security system that can make employees feel better and also family members in the home.

  1. ID cards for personnel

This point is fundamental either for big companies or small startups. Every employee must wear an ID card hanging with lanyards from their neck or maybe clearly visible in their front pocket. The idea is to have a clear picture, name, and position of the person to understand who you are working with. At home, it is not possible to have the same system, and this is not necessary since family members know each other. It may be possible though to have some ID card for the neighborhood if this is closed and with security guards on every entrance.

  1. Surveillance Cameras

This is a scheme that can be implemented in both places: the office and at home. The difference may rely on the specific spots you decide to place the cameras. Whether at home cameras may be useful in the front and back door and maybe in the Garage and driveway; in the office, some other places are also important and should be under the eye of a camera, such as elevators, front desk, and main hall.

These camera systems may also have a recording feature that would allow you to check a specific moment in time. In some cases, these systems do not record and need to have a security guard paying attention to anything irregular that may happen.

  1. Security personnel

Most companies have decided to hire somebody to pay attention to safety measures in the office or workplace, especially if we are talking about big companies where multiple places have to be guarded at the same time. This option is considered when at home there is too much space to cover, for example, farms or residential buildings. In this case, the salary of the security personnel is usually paid by all the members of the building.

  1. Fences, walls, and wire.

The most common and traditional security system for work and also for the home is the setting of actual and concrete limits and boundaries that keep intruders away. From the classic pretty white fence to the more elaborated electric wires and enormous walls. The size and kind of boundary implemented will depend directly on the asset being cared for and also the available budget.

A small company may use just fences while a big company can install an electric one. In the home, it is possible to have the same security systems when it is a house, but if you live in a residential building, the options are not individual and should be consulted with the rest of the neighbors before making any decision.

One of the most important security measures that cannot be bought or sold or built is respect. The respect we feel for others and their property should be taught and shared to feel safe and protected with or without fences, walls and security camera systems.