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Why You Should Consider Integrated Farming


If you’re struggling to keep your farm in order, you might be considering new methods that can help you. Today, more and more people are actively looking to integrate their farming practices instead of keeping them separate.

Integrated farming is a type of agroecological production that incorporates crops and animal production. It focuses on different principles such as recycling natural resources. The discipline is becoming more and more popular with industry leaders such as Stefan Soloviev implementing it in their businesses. Here are some reasons why you should consider integrated farming.

Promoting Soil Health

Integrated farming can drastically improve your soil health. When you have healthy soil, you can expect to produce a higher yield, be able to grow a wider range of crops, and have healthier plants overall. Healthy soil is rich in organic matter and is teeming with beneficial organisms like bacteria, worms, and insects.

These organisms help your plants grow by providing them with nutrients and oxygen. They also help keep pathogenic bacteria and fungi at bay by eating them up before they can cause any damage. Learn more about Why You Should Consider Integrated Farming at

Conserving Water

Another reason to consider integrated farming is to conserve water. Water is an essential part of farming, but it can also be a huge waste. This is especially the case when you’re dealing with over-irrigation or surface runoff. Integrated farming will force you to keep an eye on your water levels. You can also use soil moisture and plant cover to minimize water loss from your field.

Reducing Chemical Use

If you’re like most farmers, you use a variety of chemicals to boost your yield and increase your crop quality. However, many of these chemicals are harmful to both humans and the environment. With integrated farming, you can replace many of these chemicals with your soil’s beneficial organisms. You can get your plants to do what you need them to do organically. You can also reduce your use of chemicals by rotating the crops that you grow in any given season. This approach allows your crops to avoid and even eliminate many of the major pests that plague them.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider integrated farming. The discipline is continuing to grow and will likely offer even more solutions to farmers and consumers in the near future. By implementing the right strategies, you can help yourself and the planet at the same time. You can learn about the impact of advancement in technology on the agricultural field, on this website:

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