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The Smartest Businesses Aren’t Afraid To Ask For Advice


Starting your own business is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. It consumes all your time and energy, not to mention money. When you first develop the idea, it is exciting and new. The potential that lies in the future is a big driving force behind your passion. This motivation will help you get the business started. It will help you create a bigger concept and write the beginnings of a business plan. After that, things get a little more tricky.

Very few companies operate with just a single person at the helm. The most successful entrepreneurs and business owners surround themselves with intelligence. They identify the gaps in their knowledge or skillset and hire the very best people to fill that space. As a small business, you may not have the luxury of hiring many employees or creating a team. What you can do is seek advice and help.


There is absolutely no shame or weakness in seeking advice for you business. In fact, it is one of the most important things you can do as a startup. Inevitably, there will be areas in the business plan that you are not fully experienced in. Good business leaders acknowledge this and seek advice. As your business grows, you will begin to step into unknown territory. Don’t forge ahead blind, take the time to seek advice. Today we’ll look at some of the most important areas to seek assistance.

Most great business start with a single idea. They often come from the minds of creative and idealistic individuals. Naturally, this is the most important aspect of your business. Developing this idea and concept should come first. Second, however, is the money. Without an income or profit plan, your business will never leave the ground. If you don’t understand the basics of bookkeeping or financial planning, seek advice. Ensuring that your accounts are in order will free up your time to work on the business itself. The process of tax, record keeping and budget is exhausting and all-consuming. Speak to an accountant for some clarity and guidance on what your business needs. Don’t ignore it.


Again, many CEOs and business founders are great at finding and cultivating a unique idea. Not many understand the intricacies of building a functional, stable business though. When it comes to structuring a company, even the biggest companies seek advice. This is why the industry of business consultancy is so huge. All the best companies seek outside advice when it comes to managing the business side of the company. As a startup, you can begin by looking at Todays Growth Consultant on Slideshare. Researching online like this will give you a foundation of business.


The world of marketing is in a constant state of flux. It is ever evolving and changing. It is the key to reaching a large audience as a small business. Without effective marketing, it is very difficult to expand your clientele or customer base. Traditionally, marketing meant large scale advertising campaigns. Billboards and print ads ruled the roost. Nowadays, marketing has moved online and become more accessible. It also means that you’ll need expert advice to keep up to date and stand out from the crowd. As a new business, seeking marketing advice should be at the top of your list. Online marketing involves the likes of social media, SEO, online advertising and content marketing. If all that sounds like gobbledigook, it’s certainly time to seek advice.


The creation of unique, shareable content has become one of the cornerstones of modern businesses. It allows companies to extend their reach and market to new audiences. It helps companies position themselves as experts in their field. They can inform or entertain audiences. It creates a community and loyalty among customers. Whether it’s video, photographs or written word, content takes time. Not only that, but it takes expertise to make it go viral, spread and be effective. As a business owner, you won’t always have time to be creating content. Seeking advice in this area will help you spread your business with minimal cost.


The heart of your business is that world-changing idea. Or it is your unique product that fills a gap in the market. Whatever it is, it needs protecting. Your ideas and products are vitally important to the success of your company. If someone steals that idea, you need to know how to respond. Seeking legal advice might seem like a big step for a small business, but it is essential. Arm yourself with knowledge of intellectual property law. Then seek advice on protecting against lawsuits and liability cases. Each of these things can cripple a small business.

Web Design

There is a great art to effective web design. It is not simply about making your website look pretty. The design of your website should be built around your customers and potential customers. It should intrigue them and direct them to exactly where you want them. Web design should be used to position your product or service. It will say everything without saying anything. Design will subtly direct your customers to your goal whether that’s ecommerce or social media. Don’t second guess this important aspect of business. Seek advice and speak to an expert.

Expert Knowledge

Finally, it’s important that you don’t step blindly into an industry you know little about. You may be an expert craftsperson, your knowledge of stitching or knitting is second to none. However, turning that into a business requires expert knowledge of the retail industry. It requires expert understanding of fabrics too. Look for everything around your skills that are needed to turn your idea into a successful business. If your knowledge is cloudy in that area, seek expert advice. Only by doing that will you identify gaps in the market or unique avenues to follow.

The main point behind this article is to be unafraid of asking for advice. It doesn’t make your business weak. If anything, it makes your business strong. Admitting weakness and harnessing the skills of others is one of the smartest things you will do.

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