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A Brief Guide To Rebranding Your Business


Rebranding is a key tactic used by businesses in an attempt to become more relevant. The track record of rebrands is a little hit and miss. When companies get it right, it can be revitalising. It can reinvigorate awareness and profits, it gives you a fresh start. On the hand, it can go terribly wrong. Some rebrands have alienated existing customers and failed to attract new ones.

If you’re considering a rebrand, there’s no doubt a strong underlying reason. Think long and hard about this decision, is it vital to the future of your company? If you think it is, we’re to help you move forward. Rebranding is an exciting time. It will breathe new life into your company. It will give you a fresh perspective and help you reach new audiences. Here’s our brief guide to re branding your business.

Why are you rebranding?

Before you do anything, sit down and really think about the process of rebranding. Get deep into the question of ‘why?’ It is important to find the true motivations behind the decision in order to shape your path. Is it an attempt to stay relevant in a changing consumer world? Is it because your buzz has slowly died and you need a PR kick? Are you simply just bored of the product? If your answer is ‘staying relevant’, this is the strongest reason for changing. The others are cosmetic and can be achieved in other ways.

Re branding is more than just a name change

It’s important to remember that rebranding goes far deeper than cosmetics. A new logo and a new name is not enough to attract attention. A rebrand means taking an entirely fresh approach to the entire company. Revisit the mission statement, the product, the design. Change your way of thinking and your processes. Change your office! Speak to a Saracen commercial estate agent in London and get a complete change. Reinvent your marketing strategy to target new audiences. Address the reasons for your previous slump and fix it.

Give your brand a story

If you haven’t already, rebranding is the perfect time to give your brand a story. In the digital world, customers and consumers still want to connect emotionally with a brand. This relationship breeds loyalty and community. Use the rebranding opportunity to explain why you are changing. Tell your back story and give people some perspective behind your product. Make this the heart of your rebranding campaign.

Target and reach that new audience

More often than not, rebranding is about expanding your reach. It’s about moving with the times and adapting to consumer habits. With that in mind, you must do everything in your power to appeal to that new audience. Seek new investors that can help you here. Put this new audience at the heart of your marketing campaign. Target them with adverts and offers. However, don’t forget about your core audience. They are still there for you, don’t alienate them.

There you have it, folks. A brief guide to re branding your business. These are the key things to think about before jumping into a big campaign. Get it right and you’ll re-energise the business, reach new heights and strengthen your company.

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