Who are better investors?

Who are better investors?

There are a lot of topics for men and women to discuss who is better. So the financial life is not exclusion and we always are trying to decide who ca...

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There are a lot of topics for men and women to discuss who is better. So the financial life is not exclusion and we always are trying to decide who can invest better. I think that this is one of the most important questions we can’t answer.
Moreover there are a lot of surveys and studies made to solve this question and make the final solution. And according to some results men are feeling more confident being an investor. To prove this I can show the data of new research that was made with 700 adults who have more than $3 million in the investable assets. More than 75% of rich men consider themselves better investors comparing with their wives. And only 19% of women think the opposite and are sure they are doing this job better.Who are better investors? 2 But we always have the revise side. Despite the common opinion among men that they are the best in investing politic, more of all conducted researches show the opposite facts. Women are better investors. This can be explained by the woman’s nature, they tend to revise all information before making any investment decision and also they have more patience. And men are more impulsive by the nature, so they tend to make rash decisions. Women can make longer-time goals with no quick earnings. They do not consider money as just the mean to buy items, they want money make them more independent and secured. Also the distinguish characteristic of women is that they can ask for help and heed the advice of financial experts. And men always want to make everything by their own without any assistance.
And to be honest I have seen many examples of such studies in the real life. Women need some kind of protection, so they use money for this purpose. They make long-term projects and want their money work for them. They are not waiting for instant result. This is an example when feelings play a good role in the financial life. Women listen not only to their mind, but also rely on some feelings and fears that prevent them from making quick and wrong decision with the further lost of all their money. However as the men always want more money for quicker period; they are determined on increasing returns. This makes them riskier, and in some situations plays on their side. But it also can cost them significant wealth to lose.
However if I am asked this question I might say that this depends on the market and even the investors can’t make the final decision on this topic. To revise this question more extensively we would say that the gender does not play the main role. The best investor will be the person who can make thoughtful decisions and control the emotions. The investment process is not difficult by itself, but it is also not easy. Almost all right decisions are based on many information collected and good research of the market made.
Despite the gender the essential necessity is to have some initial capital. If you understand that you have made enough research and now are ready to invest, you can use fast approval from direct cash lenders and get necessary amount of money. This will help you to make your first investment based on your research and earn money for further development.